Arcane Cosplayer Looks Amazing as Mel from League Of Legends

The Arcane excitement continues, with great reviews from renowned computer game celebrities like Hideo Kojima and exquisite digital art from enthusiasts. The League of Legends anime series has already finished its first season and has gained many fans due to its intriguing story and colorful characters.

One fan is so soft on Mel Medarda, the mayor of Piltover, that she has made a straightforward but beautiful Arcane costume.

Aliya Will’s Arcane cosplay depicts Mel Medarda’s grace

The cosplayer, Aliya Will, watched the Netflix show afterward and put together her gold accessories and pieces to decorate like Mel.

The jewelry and hair accessories are perfect, and the gold-flecked makeup takes the planning to a new level. Aliya Will emphasized the character’s beauty and her sparkling cheekbones covered with gold shards. Mel’s smokey eye makeup and stunning green eyes were also flawlessly executed by her.

She also attempted to exchange Mel’s headpiece together with her jewelry:
When she’s not dressed up as Mel, Aliya Will has dressed up as Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars and a female version of Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII.

She proceeded to social media to check photographs of herself and Mel Medarda from the program; therefore, the likeness is remarkable.

Aliya utilized things she already had in her home to form her stunning outfit even more astounding. At this writing, she had over 80k followers on Twitter. Many fans praised her similarity and skill in the comments below her Tweet.

The official Arcane Twitter account shared the photograph with its followers, amazed by the costume.

In Arcane, who is Mel Medarda?

Mel Medarda is noted throughout the series for her refinement, which is apparent in her acts and interests. She could be a Piltover’s Clan Council member and loves scientist and inventor Jayce Talis.

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